Every project Phillips and Stevens does, no matter big or small, is performed with safety in mind and comes with the same guarantees.


Phillips and Stevens has a long history of self-funding and insuring all aspects of our work on major projects. Contact us about scheduled and itemized coverage certificates direct from our insurers for your specific project.



All services are insured for errors and omissions and third party liability, and all aspects of our business are insured for the protection of our clients’ interests.

All insurances meet or exceed the amounts required for all levels of government and companies. Scheduled insurances are provided for specific projects.



Our clients are assured that all of their information is confidential and protected by our professional association’s Code of Ethics, enforceable by the bylaws that govern our association. We are expressly prohibited from sharing information about a client’s affairs without the permission of the client.

We take confidentiality seriously. We do not use work performed for one client to advertise for other work. The work we do for you is your business, and we keep it that way.


Third Party Protections

Our commitment to excellence has earned Phillips and Stevens a spotless record of claims and gives our clients excellent value.

All personnel are insured under Workers Compensation and Blue Cross. All equipment and vehicles are insured with additional coverage for third party liability. If we’re working for you, you don’t have to worry about claims slowing us down.

The first step to a successful project is to run a safe worksite.

If we’re working for you, we are safe, and you are protected.

Safe Work

At Phillips and Stevens, we believe that every project should be performed with safety in mind and that effective communication is the basis for that safety. For this reason, our staff take tremendous care in communicating and preventing accidents by spotting potential hazards.


Training and Proper Equipment

It’s one thing to be able spot a hazard, but it’s quite another to have the tools to deal with it.

Phillips and Stevens provides paid safety training for our staff, along with all the safety equipment that is necessary or requested.

We are proud of our staff’s willingness and desire to maintain safety standards. All full time Phillips and Stevens personnel are certified in first aid with AR and CPR certification.

Planning and Standards

We plan for success but also prepare for incidents.

Communication and preparation are the cornerstones of our safety practices and emergency plans are always in place should an incident occur.

Some of our work is in remote areas of the country where extra precautions are needed. Project specific planning, equipment and communications are used to protect our personnel and in turn protect our clients’ interests.

Our Safety Record

Since our founding in 1978, Phillips and Stevens has had no major workplace accidents.

We’ve worked in diverse conditions, from the most remote areas of Canada to the busiest job sites imaginable, and throughout have maintained a safe work environment through communication and planning.

Our safety record is a testament to the diligence of our staff and an assurance to our clients that we always operate in a safe and professional manner.

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