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Phillips and Stevens professional land surveyors go to great lengths to provide relevant information that helps our clients succeed. In the course of our everyday work we come across interesting items that can often answer common questions, covering everything from how land development regulatory systems work and what contributes to the cost of a land survey, to mine development and surveying.

To make your project easier and provide a one-stop-shop for some of that information, we’ve provided articles for you to review. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us for a free consultation. These articles are continually being updated. If you have any suggestions for articles you’d like to see please let us know.

Condo Development

Condominium Conversion Converting existing buildings to condominiums can have many financial and legal advantages. Condominium conversions can also have hidden problems. Our experts can give you the right advice to avoid the problems and save you money. We can also... read more

Building a House?

When you are planning your house, you need to know that your dream is going to done right. Our professionals can quickly assess your needs and advise you on zoning requirements, lot grading permits and other critical items that will make your house build run smoothly.... read more

Fast Track Subdivison

When you are planning a subdivision in Winnipeg or anywhere in Manitoba, use the Fast Track Subdivision process. This will not only save you money, but your development will be completed months earlier. Contact us first to find out more, and have peace of mind that... read more

Building a Fence?

Build your new fence where it is supposed to be. Taking a new fence down to move it later is a mess, cosmetically unappealing and increases the cost for nothing. Do it right the first time. Save your money and your sanity. Our professionals are here to... read more

What Determines the Cost of a Land Survey?

There are many factors that determine the cost of a land survey.   The land’s location and the type of survey are important factors when estimating the costs of a survey. There are many steps involved that you may not be aware of, but they are all are a necessary... read more

Water Boundary Questions

Many people wonder about the extent of their ownership of land abutting a body of water such as Lake Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba, the Red River or the Assiniboine River. These boundaries are in some cases referred to as riparian boundaries. They can be fixed or ambulatory... read more

Public Title System

Public Title System, Lowest Cost Our Current System – Torrens Title 95% of the privately held land in Manitoba is held under the Torrens System of title. This system provides an open to the public system, which guarantees titles to everyone with minimal cost.... read more

What Land Surveyors Do

What Licensed Manitoba Land Surveyors and Canada Lands Surveyors do When you hire a Manitoba Land Surveyor to conduct a survey or provide a service, both your interest and the public interest are protected.  Manitoba Land Surveyors Work on private and public... read more

Save Time and Money During the Subdivision Process

Save Money and Time Subdividing Land in Winnipeg and Manitoba Clients that see us at the beginning of the subdivision process save time and money! Some consumers do not start the subdivision process seeing us or another survey firm, and they end up paying more for... read more

Title Insurance – Winnipeg & Manitoba

Consumers have for the past number of years been paying record amounts for a product called title insurance during the purchase of their homes. Title insurance does not insure titles in Manitoba as this is already insured by the provincial government. When we have... read more

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