Professional Land Surveying and Resource Information Services

Fast Track Subdivision

When you are planning a subdivision in Winnipeg or anywhere in Manitoba, use the Fast Track Subdivision process.

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Building a House?

When you are planning your house, you need to know that your dream is going to done right.

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Condo Development

Converting existing buildings to condominiums can have many financial and legal advantages.

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Phillips and Stevens is a Winnipeg, Manitoba based professional land surveying and planning company. Our products and services cover all aspects of planning, design, land surveys and construction surveying.

Skilled Surveyors

Whether you’re planning a subdivision of land or require precise alignment for construction, we have the skilled licensed professional surveyors to complete your project. Our drafting and planning services can also assist with visualization of your land development or industrial site.

Your Success Is Our Success


  • Whether the project is large or small, we know that success begins with the right people.
  • Our surveyors and technicians are continually upgrading their skills to serve you better.
  • Our people are the difference and they work hard everyday to ensure your project succeeds.

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